Recently my son Dakota was on the cusp of college graduation and looking for his first "real" job. After scoring a big interview with his dream company (and yes for those who know him it was in beer sales) he started worrying, "What do you think they'll ask me?" 

With the wisdom of a mom, and as someone who has both gone through and conducted the ever-awkward first interview, I replied, "So Dakota, tell me about yourself? What are some of your strengths?" Responding quickly, he skipped the "little bit about himself" and went right to his strengths, rattling off a few like being a hard worker, outgoing, and willing to learn new things. 

Admirable qualities.  The problem is they are shared by a lot of hard working, outgoing new grads willing to learn new things. 

What's Your Purpose Driven Leadership Style.png

That's why you need to know a little more about yourself first to express your unique strengths, and to be able to tell your story in a more compelling way. This is true for beer industry and social justice professionals alike. 

One of my favorite free tools for finding your core strengths is the VIA Character Strengths Survey from the VIA Institue on Character.  Their motto is "learn your strengths, live your potential." You can register and take the survey for free to narrow in on what's most important to you.  The survey identified 24 specific strengths and where each ranks in your personality. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. If you are part of a team you and your team should all take the survey then share scores so you can see how people work best and what is most and least important to them.

Knowing your strengths is the first step, and of course being aware and working on your weaknesses is equally important, but it is also vital to identify your leadership style. Your leadership style is how you apply your personality traits to execute your job and lead your brand so that you do the most good in the world.  As Aristotle once said: 

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"

Using what you found out about yourself in the VIA survey, next take my quiz, "What Is Your Type Purpose Driven Business Leadership Style?" to find out your social entrepreneurship style.  When it comes to social entrepreneurs, especially those focused on product-based businesses, how you execute and market your brand will be largely based on your style.  I've identified seven distinct styles of social entrepreneurs.  What are they? Which one are you?  Take the quiz to find out!