Welcome to your new most useful tool for figuring out the cost and sales price of your merchandise. The calculator is divided into four sections:

  1. Supplier Cost Per Unit - What your supplier will charge you for the product.
  2. Import Cost Per Unit - What you will need to pay in imports and shipping charges including shipping, duties, clearance, and local delivery costs. (If you aren't sure of duties for your item you can look up your item to find the code and estimated duty percentage here https://hts.usitc.gov/
  3. Buyer Unit Cost Per Unit - This section lets you add any costs that are added to your product (before margin) once it arrives to you. 
  4. Calculate Your Final Price - Here you can add in the margin multiplier, any sales rep commissions, and charitable give back associated with each unit you sell. Play with the margin to get to your optimal wholesale and retail price.

If you are a supplier you can use the first section of this calculator to figure out what your price is to the buyer. You can also see how many costs are added to your product along it's path to market to understand the final retail price buyers sell it to the end consumer for.

You can use the calculator right here online, just fill in your amounts and it will calculate your costs, or hit the download arrow at the bottom to make a copy to use on your own device.