I'M READY TO HELP YOU SUCCEED at social impact 

Hey Do-Gooder! I know how you feel - called, committed but confused...

That's me in Morocco, traveling with an amazing group of world changing women. But fifteen years ago when I launched my first social justice startup, Global Girlfriend, I didn't picture myself here. 

I wanted to help women artisans around the world find a market for their beautiful handmade products, but I didn't know anything about importing. Or product development. I didn't have much money for my startup. Truth is, I didn't even have a passport. But I didn't let those things get in the way of the difference I wanted to make.

Today, I've worked in 30 countries with over 200 artisan businesses and social enterprises building a market for their products nationwide. I've worked with big brands including Whole Foods, Target, West Elm and Smithsonian Institute, and with many small and medium sized businesses.  What I've learned is that you do not need to be perfect or powerful to make a difference - you only need to be purposeful and persistent. It also helps to have a plan. 

You have a world changing idea. I have a roadmap. Ready to journey together?



Now it's time to Take Action!



And while I have you here there are a few More things you should know 

Around here we are not afraid to be wholehearted. We're willing to fail and try again. To look silly (e.g. see me in neighboring photo). We're up for learning new things, visiting new places, speaking out and partnering with people locally and globally to bring about change. We'll even dance, if dancing is required.  Because world changers aren't afraid to shake things up.  Especially themselves. Sound like you?



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